What We Do

Scope of work


We provide commercial pavement maintenance and construction services within a 100-mile radius of Birmingham, AL. Our commercial services include asphalt paving and repair, sealcoating, striping, concrete curbing and more. We service commercial spaces such as churches, retail businesses, hospitals, and industrial sites.


Our experienced team offers new asphalt solutions, mill & overlay, sealcoating, striping and concrete curbing for streets, parking lots and sports courts.


We offer our residential customers quality asphalt paving, including driveways and sports courts.


New Asphalt Paving

For new asphalt paving applications, we begin at the sub-base level with a fine grading, then we add a specified aggregate base, a hot plant mix binder asphalt, and top it with a hot plant mix seal asphalt which creates a strong and lasting drivable surface.

Asphalt Patching

Patching is used to fill potholes and in ditches and is done by using hot plant mix asphalt. Milling may also be required during this process.

Remove and Replace

Some instances require the removal of existing materials before a new mat can be placed. If this is the case, we will mill the existing to a specified depth, or excavate and remove existing, then repair the sub base, add base and place the new hot plant mix asphalt mat.

Overlay Existing Asphalt

Asphalt overlay is an option if your base is substantial and the surface is in need of repair because of age. We will clean, tack, level where needed, and lay a new surface resulting in a new mat.

Additional Services


Parking lot striping and pavement markings are an important aspect of proper maintenance and safety. Striping will take place when new asphalt is installed, sealcoating is completed and if your markings are fading. Keeping your striping updated will keep your road or parking lot ADA compliant and help with direction. Some examples of striping include loading zones, fire lanes, playgrounds, building entrances and exits, no-parking zones, road direction, etc.

Parking Blocks

Wheel stops help protect pedestrians, other cars, and property by providing a stopping point for vehicles that are parking. Not only will our team place them properly, but we will also anchor them to the surface to prevent movement and enhance safety.


Old asphalt surfaces sometimes need the top layer removed because it is in disrepair or because it is too high. We can mill the old surface to prepare for a new asphalt mat.


Sealcoating is the method of applying a thin asphalt surface treatment to top of the pavement to preserve or extend the life of the pavement. Sealcoating on a proper schedule will help prevent salt, water, heat, chemical erosion and other debris from entering the pavement that cause breakdown, discoloration, cracks, voids and pot holes. Sealcoating is applied in two coats. Both layers can be applied with spray equipment, or the first layer can be applied with a squeegee and the second layer sprayed on.

Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing is used to prevent vehicles from driving through protected areas, holds back landscaping, and prevents tree roots from penetrating the parking lot. Our team installs many different types of curbing including gutter, valley, stand up and flush concrete curbin

Earthwork, Dirt work & Drainage

Our team offers services starting at ground level that include grading, excavating, creating slopes, compacting soil, creating draining areas, etc. to prepare the land for roads, parking lots or drainage systems.